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From cooling tower construction and repair to civil project installations, Alliance Cooling Products & Construction will be there with industry leading safety you can trust. 

Alliance Cooling Products
New Construction


Alliance Cooling Products & Construction offers a wide variety of new construction cooling tower products and services to regional utilities and industrial customers across the U.S.

Alliance New Construction services include:

  • A full-time construction staff

  • A wide variety of fill options

  • Complete control of material and labor

  • Construction designs for counterflow and crossflow

  • Custom cell sizes to fit your existing basins

  • Custom designs, pre-engineered for efficiency

  • Direct-to-customer, value-added service (no subcontactors)

  • Safety-conscious personnel

  • Over 25 years experience as an engineering/design team.

Alliance Cooling Products


Whatever the make or model of your cooling tower, the Alliance engineering and design team can safely handle its reconstruction.


  • Casing and louver replacement.

  • Cross flow and counter flow distribution systems.

  • Mechanical equipment repair.

  • Refurbishment of complete cooling towers.

  • Replacement of drift eliminator systems.

  • Replacement of fill systems.

  • Replacement or repair of fan decks.

  • Replacement or repair of hot water basins and covers.

  • Replacement or repair of structural lumber.

  • Thermal performance upgrades.

Alliance Cooling Products
Thermal Upgrades


Alliance Cooling Products & Construction can repair, replace, rebuild and thermally enhance the performance of any make or model of cooling tower on the market today.  Specific thermal upgrade services include:


  • Detailed inspection and analysis of existing cooling tower.

  • Cooling tower thermal evaluation.

  • Structural calculations and drawings as required.

  • Implementation of upgrades.

  • Follow-up inspection schedules.

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